Rogério F. Silva

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BACKGROUND In spite of the advances in sepsis diagnosis and treatment in the last years, the morbidity and mortality are still high. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence, in-hospital evolution and prognosis of patients that presented sepsis in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery. METHODS This is a prospective study that included patients (n =(More)
Another relevant event for the formation of the thrombus is platelet aggregation, that is, the binding of platelets. The final pathway for platelet aggregation is the glycoprotein IIb/ IIIa receptor, which is also the main adherence receptor. The fibrinogen also has an important role in this process, considering that it stabilizes the platelet thrombus and(More)
Correspondência: Dinaldo C. Oliveira • Rua Abílio Soares, 625, apto 64 A Paraíso 04005-002 São Paulo, SP Brasil E-mail:, Artigo recebido em 16/12/08; revisado recebido em 16/06/09; aceito em 23/07/09. Inicialmente, as plaquetas aderem à matriz extracelular, sendo esta adesão mediada pelas glicoproteínas Ib, V, IX, tendo(More)
Correspondencia: Dinaldo C. Oliveira • Rua Abílio Soares, 625, apto 64 A Paraíso 04005-002 São Paulo, SP Brasil E-mail:, Artículo recibido el 16/12/08; revisado recibido el 16/06/09; aceptado el 23/07/09. como mayor ligante. Es importante resaltar que las glicoproteínas VI y Ia, importantes receptores de colágeno,(More)
Arritmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD) is characterized by the gradual replacement of myocytes by adipose and fibrous tissue. Described in 1977, is considered a potentially lethal cause of cardiac disease poorly understood. This disorder usually involves the right ventricle and has been associated with arrthymia, heart failure, and sudden death. In(More)
A meta-analysis of clinical studies of patients with cardiovascular disease demonstrated that the use of aspirin was associated with a 22% decrease in death rates and relevant ischemic vascular events. However, clinical studies demonstrated that patients that regularly took aspirin presented recurrence of cardiovascular events. Such observation led to the(More)
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