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— This work presents a tool to help concept maps' design process. This tool was developed to organize contents from thematic modules of a course, applying concept maps techniques. In this tool, teachers can build their own concept maps based in textual reference documents. Teachers also can use a visual editor to design maps and linking learning objects to(More)
Meta-analysis is a statistical procedure to do syntheses of evidences. In the production of scientific knowledge, in spite of paradigmatic skips of quality, the rising of the accumulation of acquired knowledge (based in camed studies) is, in the general, the way as science moves forward to accomplish new discoveries and to confirm other already obtained.(More)
This paper presents some of the procedures adopted in the construction of a Radial Basis Function Neural Network by iteratively applying the aiNET, an Artificial Immune Systems Algorithm. These procedures have shown to be effective in terms of i) the free determination of centroids inspired by an immune heuristics; and ii) the achievement of appropriate(More)
The development of specific Decision Support Systems has been a common practice in distinct areas, such as Medicine, Engineering, and Finance. These systems has been used to help decision making in particular situations, in which the information complexity difficult an optimal human decision. The idea of this work is to propose a general auxiliary system(More)
Nematodes are vermiform animals of long and thin body and slender at the two extremities. They have great economic importance because many are plant parasitic and very difficult to erradicate once established in the soil. A prerequisite to combating their agricultural impact is correct identification of species. We present a preliminary study for(More)