Roelf van den Heever

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Design patterns and frameworks as reuse mechanisms hold much promise in the continuing effort to manage software complexity. They provide a vehicle for experts to convey their experience to other software designers. The formal verification of programs is an aspect of system development which software designers find difficult and cumbersome. This is mainly(More)
Perhaps the most perplexing question facing software developers today is: "Why is software development so difficult, and becoming increasingly so ?" In these days of high level languages, visual programming languages and CASE tools, even projects of moderate scale are failing, or at least struggling against complexity. This article examines the problem of(More)
Serious use of object technology involves a software development process based upon one of the various methods advocated in the literature and frequently supported by a CASE tool. The methods and associated tools rely on the use of particular notations during analysis and design phases: usually some form of relationship diagram to express a so-called static(More)
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