Roeland Vercauteren

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The respiratory burst activity of neutrophil leukocytes from bovine peripheral blood was studied before and during an experimentally induced Escherichia coli mastitis. The competence of neutrophils to generate reactive oxygen species following stimulation with opsonized particles prior to infection was negatively correlated with severity of subsequently(More)
A postnuclear cell fraction from resting horse polymorphonuclear (PMN) leukocytes incubated with fatty acid-salt ions such as oleate or linoleate generated a NADPH-dependent oxygen consumption and superoxide production. Oxidative activity was negligible or absent in the postnuclear fraction from mononuclear leukocytes, p-chloromercuribenzene sulfonic(More)
Chemokine production by tumors is a well-known phenomenon, but its role in tumor biology remains debatable. Although intratumoral injection of granulocyte chemotactic protein-2 (GCP-2) had no effect on tumor parameters, needle-free stable expression of the chemokine resulted in enhanced tumor growth. It is shown here that tumors that express a potent form(More)
Response surface methodology (RSM) and a five-level three-factor central composite rotatable design (CCRD) were used to evaluate the effect of glycerol and peptone concentration and initial pH on dextran dextrinase (DDase) production by Gluconobacter oxydans. Optimal fermentation conditions were 20.59 g/l of glycerol, 6.67 g/l of mycological peptone and an(More)