Roel Moberts

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In different murine systems, delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) swelling responses at 24-48 hr after antigen challenge were preceded by an early 2-hr swelling response. The 24-hr DTH response is thought to depend on this early (DTH-initiating) hypersensitivity response. In this paper we show that in the syngeneic DBA/2-SL2 murine tumour system only an(More)
Recent studies have suggested that interleukin-2 (IL-2), tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and a crude preparation of B-cell growth factors (BCGF) have a regulatory role in the proliferation of B-CLL cells. However, interpretation of the experimental data has been complicated by potential methodological pitfalls. To establish the role of these factors in B-CLL(More)
Intact chromosome-sized DNA molecules from eukaryotes may be prepared by performing lysis and enzymic deproteinization on cells embedded in agarose [Schwartz and Cantor, Cell 37 (1984), 67-75]. Here we show that DNA prepared by this method may be cut with restriction enzymes, or modified with site-specific methylases and cut by DpnI. As the DNA remains(More)
We have studied the rather paradoxical phenomenon of the growth of an antigenic tumor in an immunocomponent host. This phenomenon was studied by comparing (a) the lymphocyte reactivity and (b) the macrophage cytotoxicity, during SL2 growth in DBA/2 mice (SL2-bearing mice) and in DBA/2 mice immunized against SL2 tumor cells (SL2-immune mice). Immune mice(More)
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