Rodrigo Zelir Azzolin

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This paper presents a rotor speed observer for induction-machine drives based on a sliding-mode approach and magnetizing current estimation. The back electromotive force (EMF) is calculated from the stator current and the stator voltage signals. The magnetizing currents are obtained from the back EMF. A theorem which gives the rotor speed estimate in the(More)
Vector control has improved the performance and energy efficiency in SPIM drives. However, high current and torque pulsations are produced by winding asymmetry of SPIM. This paper proposes a decoupling scheme to reduce the current and torque pulsations and improve the performance of vector control. A stator current observer is used to estimate the coupling(More)
This paper presents a methodology for parameter identification of a Single-Phase Induction Machine (SPIM) of an air conditioning compressor. From the machine model two classical Recursive Least Square (RLS) algorithms are applied at qd axes based on current measurements with standstill rotor. The identification is achieved with standstill rotor due the fact(More)
This paper presents a methodology to modeling and parameter identification of Single-Phase Induction Motors (SPIM). From the machine model two classical Recursive Least Square (RLS) algorithms are applied at qd axes, based in current measurements with standstill rotor. Thus, the identified parameters can improve the performance of the Field Oriented Control(More)
This paper presents a simple PWM approach for modulation of three-leg inverters driving two-phase induction machines. The main contribution of this paper is the development of a simple PWM modulation method to generate symmetrical and asymmetrical voltages suitable to fed two-phase induction machines. It is demonstrated that the amplitudes of line voltages(More)
This paper addresses a novel strategy for speed estimation based on feedback linearization control for three-phase induction motors. A sensorless scheme based on discrete time formulation of the Sliding Mode Observer is proposed and stability analysis through Lyapunov method is presented. Experimental results based on DSP platform (TMS320F2812) demonstrate(More)
This article presents a performance comparison between two state observers in a pole placement control (PPC). The first is a classical full order states observer and the second observer is proposed in this work, which is based on a State Variable Filter (SVF). A inverted pendulum on movable base was the system chosen to accomplish performance comparison of(More)
An adaptive state feedback linearizing control (AFLC) is designed for a fifth order model of a three-phase induction motor which includes both electrical and mechanical dynamics. The control algorithm contains an adaptive scheme of feedback linearization control (FLC) to improve robustness against of model parameters variation of induction motor(More)
This paper presents and analysis a rotor speed estimator for symmetrical and asymmetrical induction machines. The proposed scheme is based on discrete-time formulation of the sliding mode observer. The method is suitable to close-loop sensorless control of induction machines. The stability and parameter convergence of the proposed method are analyzed by(More)
This paper presents a discrete time algorithm able to identify all electrical parameters of three-phase induction motors. This algorithm is based on Robust Model Reference Adaptive Controller (RMRAC) applied to electric machine model. The identification uses only measurements of stator currents with standstill rotor. From the correct parameters it is(More)