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In this paper a unified learning framework for object detection and classification using nested cascades of boosted classifiers is proposed. The most interesting aspect of this framework is the integration of powerful learning capabilities together with effective training procedures, which allows building detection and classification systems with high(More)
In this work it is described a framework for classifying face images using Adaboost and domain-partitioning based classifiers. The most interesting aspect of this framework is the capability of building classification systems with high accuracy in dynamical environments, which achieve, at the same time, high processing and training speed. We apply this(More)
In this article a hand gesture recognition system that allows interacting with a service robot, in dynamic environments and in real-time, is proposed. The system detects hands and static gestures using cascade of boosted classifiers, and recognize dynamic gestures by computing temporal statistics of the hand's positions and velocities, and classifying these(More)
In this article a robust and real-time hand gesture detection and recognition system for dynamic environments is proposed. The system is based on the use of boosted classifiers for the detection of hands and the recognition of gestures, together with the use of skin segmentation and hand tracking procedures. The main novelty of the proposed approach is the(More)
In this paper is proposed a hybrid face detector that combines the high processing speed of an Asymmetrical Adaboost Cascade Detector with the high detection rate of a Wavelet Bayesian Detector. This integration is achieved by incorporating this last detector in the middle stages of the cascade detector. Results of the application of the proposed detector(More)
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