Rodrigo Vega-Sanchez

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BACKGROUND During intrauterine infection, amniochorionic membranes represent a mechanical and immunological barrier against dissemination of infection. Human beta defensins (HBD)-1, HBD-2, and HBD-3 are key elements of innate immunity that represent the first line of defense against different pathogen microorganisms associated with preterm labor. The aim of(More)
Intrauterine infection during pregnancy can trigger a local inflammatory response leading to several complications, such as preterm labor. Many studies have used in vitro and in vivo models employing mitogens to induce the expression of the characteristic proinflammatory mediators triggered by infection. However, relative expression assays depend on the(More)
Nutrition related problems are increasing worldwide but they have scarcely been evaluated in people with neuromotor disabilities, particularly in developing countries. In this study our aim was to describe the weight-based nutritional diagnoses of children and adolescents with neuromotor disabilities who attended a private rehabilitation center in Mexico(More)
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