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Vibrio cholerae 638 is a living candidate cholera vaccine strain attenuated by deletion of the CTXPhi prophage from C7258 (O1, El Tor Ogawa) and by insertion of the Clostridium thermocellum endoglucanase A gene into the hemagglutinin/protease coding sequence. This vaccine candidate was previously found to be well tolerated and immunogenic in volunteers.(More)
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity and the immunogenicity of a 2 x 10(9)CFU dose of the 638 lyophilized live attenuated cholera vaccine for oral administration, formulated and produced at Finlay Institute, City of Havana, Cuba. Thirty-six healthy female and male adult volunteers(More)
Splenic abscess remains a rare entity, reserved for patients with predisposing factors or immunosuppressive conditions. In our 13 patients in which a splenic abscess was diagnosed pre- or intra-operatively, an average of 14 days past before the diagnosis was made. Main symptoms were fever, upper left abdominal pain, auscultatory left basal anomalies and(More)
Patients with partial gastrectomy are a High risk group to develop gastric cancer. Risk is higher in remnant estomach after partial gastrectomy by malignancy than benign disease. We present a case of a male patient, 64 years old, who was admitted in our Hospital with Hypovolaemia. We found during Endoscopic examination early gastric Cancer IIc + III type in(More)
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