Rodrigo Ueno Takahagi

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OBJECTIVES Quantitative evaluation of palpebral dimensions of Japanese residents in Japan and Japanese descendant (Nikkeis) who live in Brazil, in order to define if environmental factors may influence these parameters. METHODS A prospective study evaluating 107 Nikkeis from Brazil and 114 Japanese residents in Japan, aged 20 years or older. Exclusion(More)
PURPOSES To describe ocular features, management of cataract and functional outcomes in patients with persistent fetal vasculature. METHODS Retrospective, descriptive case series of patients with persistent fetal vasculature. Data were recorded from the Congenital Cataract Section of Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil from 2001 to 2012. All patients(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the eyeblink rate in patients with pterygium before and after the lesion exeresis. METHODS Forty-one patients with pterygium were evaluated before and 60 days after the lesion exeresis. They were digitally videotaped during one minute in a standard setting using a Sony Digital 8 DCR - TRV110 and the images were transferred to a(More)
PURPOSE To determine a correction factor for refractive errors evaluated without cycloplegy effect. METHODS A study was made with 623 patients (1,246 eyes) of both sexes, aging between 3 and 40 years old. The dynamic and static refractometries were obtained using the automated refractor Shin-Nippon Accuref-K 9001. 1% Cyclopentolate was dropped and the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate differences in the palpebral fissure eyelid position in Japanese subjects and in Brazilian subjects of European descent over 50 years of age. METHODS A cross-sectional study evaluating 50 Japanese subjects and 50 Bra---zilian subjects of European descent over 50 years of age was performed to evaluate the effect of aging on eyelid(More)
PURPOSE The authors intend to evaluate the eyelid position before and after the external prosthesis adaptation, using digital image processing techniques. METHODS Eighteen patients were evaluated at the "Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu-Universidade Estadual Paulista-UNESP", with and without the external prosthesis. Qualitative and quantitative analysis(More)
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