Rodrigo Sanches Miani

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Finding relevant metrics in information security is an important but difficult problem. In this paper, we propose to empirically investigate the relevance of different security metrics that could be derived from intrusion prevention system (IPS) alert events and computer security incident data. Based on the data provided by the University of Maryland, we(More)
This work proposes the development and application of specific security metrics for metropolitan broadband access networks that aim to measure the efficiency of security programs and support action planning against detected problems. The approach presented in this work show metrics developed for these networks and parameters for metrics definition. This(More)
A key challenge for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is the security of their information during navigation to accomplish its task. Information security is a known issue, but it seems to be overlooked from a research perspective, that tends to focus on more classical and well-formulated problems. This paper addresses an experimental evaluation of(More)
This paper proposes an alternative approach to modelling the formula attribute within the context of security metrics. This approach seeks to correct past errors by treating a security metric like a set, and inserting a component that addresses the set intersection between the security elements. The work consists in to define the model, explain the(More)
The information and communications technology (ICT) governance seeks a better investment in technology resources to improve the organization's performance and its productivity. Organizations usually employ tested process and documents also called best practices of ICT. Due to the nature and way of management in public institutions, these type of(More)
There are currently no generally accepted metrics for information security issues. One reason is the lack of validation using empirical data. In this practical experience report, we investigate whether metrics obtained from security devices used to monitor network traffic can be employed as indicators of security incidents. If so, security experts can use(More)