Rodrigo Rizzi Starr

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In this paper a method is proposed to be used as the first step in the ontology construction process. This method, specially tailored to ontology construction for knowledge management applications, is based on the use of concept maps as a mean of expression for the expert, followed by an application that assists in the capture of the expert intention with(More)
Model repositories play a central role in the model driven development of complex software-intensive systems by offering means to persist and manipulate models obtained from heterogeneous languages and tools. Complex models can be assembled by interconnecting model fragments by hard links, i.e., regular references, where the target end points to external(More)
The demand for shorter lead times and lower costs, as well as stricter reliability requirements in the development of complex systems has required both the prompt identification of errors and the reduction of rework throughout the development projects. Model Based Engineering practices anticipate the validation of system requirements and architecture to the(More)
In this paper we propose a rigorous methodology to create GUI-based DSLs formal tools. From a formal specification of a DSL we extract a metamodel and create a user-friendly (GUI) front-end. Then we use a code synthesizer to create a formally verified back-end. At the end we link both parts using a wrapper solution. We aim at providing a productive and(More)
Leak detection systems are a fundamental part of the management system associated with any long distance pipeline. Such systems are necessary to avoid or reduce environmental and economical losses in case a leak develops in the pipeline. There are several solutions, with different efficiency and cost-effectiveness, for this problem. One of the most(More)
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