Rodrigo Rizzi Starr

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Model repositories play a central role in the model driven development of complex software-intensive systems by offering means to persist and manipulate models obtained from heterogeneous languages and tools. Complex models can be assembled by interconnecting model fragments by hard links, i.e., regular references, where the target end points to external(More)
  • A J R M Comfort, W J Nathan, J R Braithwaite, Duray, D T E N Kalogeropoulos, D I Michael +25 others
  • 2011
Search for structure in the γ-ray spectra from p-d and p-p annihilations at rest. Phys. decay schemes from heavy ion + 48 Ca fusion-evaporation reactions. I. decay schemes from heavy-ion + 48 Ca fusion-evaporation reactions. II. decay schemes from heavy-ion + 48 Ca fusion-evaporation reactions. III. decay schemes from heavy-ion + 48 Ca fusion-evaporation(More)
Leak detection systems are a fundamental part of the management system associated with any long distance pipeline. Such systems are necessary to avoid or reduce environmental and economical losses in case a leak develops in the pipeline. There are several solutions, with different efficiency and cost-effectiveness, for this problem. One of the most(More)
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