Rodrigo Ramos-Zúñiga

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OBJECTIVE The trans-supraorbital approach has the advantage of combining the keyhole principle with cranial base surgery. The anatomic fields that can be visualized with the use of this procedure have been demonstrated in cadavers, and the advantages and potential surgical applications of this procedure are described in this report. This article is the(More)
The trans-supraorbital approach represents the advantage of combining the keyhole principle and skull base surgery. In cadaveric work the author shows the anatomic fields visualized with this procedure, advantages and potential surgical applications. The experimental surgical procedure was performed on 8 adult skulls and on 3 cadavers with intact cerebral(More)
Tissue engineering is an important therapeutic strategy to be used in regenerative medicine in the present and in the future. Functional biomaterials research is focused on the development and improvement of scaffolding, which can be used to repair or regenerate an organ or tissue. Scaffolds are one of the crucial factors for tissue engineering. Scaffolds(More)
The advent and growth of technological advances have led to new routes of knowledge. Thereby, we currently face new challenges. We have just started to get a glimpse of the structural and functional role of neural stem cells in differentiation and migration processes, the origin of synaptic networks, and subsequent readjustments in specific circuits. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether bilayer chitosan scaffolding (BChS) can provide a watertight dural closure and permit regeneration by fibroblasts in an experimental in vivo model. METHODS In the in vitro phase, BChS was elaborated and the following characteristics were evaluated: pore size, thickness, water absorption capacity, tensile strength, strain, and(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the frequency of infections due to drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis between homeless and nonhomeless populations in an urban community hospital. We retrospectively examined the mycobacteriology registry of this hospital for culture-proven, susceptibility-tested cases of M tuberculosis disease from 1982 to(More)
OBJECTIVE Postconcussion syndrome (PCS) is usually underestimated in cases of mild head injury (MHI). It is one of the most common causes of physical, cognitive, and psychomotor disturbances that affect the quality of life, work, and social reintegration of individuals. Until now, we did not have evidence of structural abnormalities shown by traditional(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite improvements in sanitation, diagnosis and treatment, neurocysticercosis is still a public health problem in many countries. In symptomatic patients, there is a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations. When cysticerci are lodged in the ventricles or the subarachnoid space, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid can be obstructed and lead to(More)
In this experiment, we evaluated the long-term effects of noise by assessing both astrocyte changes in medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and mPFC-related alternation/discrimination tasks. Twenty-one-day-old male rats were exposed during a period of 15 days to a standardized rats' audiogram-fitted adaptation of a human noisy environment. We measured serum(More)
Sleep deprivation (SD) affects spatial memory and proliferation in the dentate gyrus. It is unknown whether these deleterious effects persist in the long run. The aim of this study was to evaluate the proliferation, differentiation and maturation of neural progenitors as well as spatial memory 21 days after suffering SD. Sixty-day old male Balb/C mice were(More)