Rodrigo Picos

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We have measured the transition process from the high to low resistivity states, i.e., the reset process of resistive switching based memristors based on Ni/HfO2/Sin+ structures, and have also developed an analytical model for their electrical characteristics. When the characteristic curves are plotted in the current-voltage (I-V) domain a high variability(More)
We review recent physics-based, compact models for thin film transistors (TFTs), including amorphous (a-Si), polysilicon (poly-Si), nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si), and organic TFTs. The models accurately reproduce the DC characteristics for different geometries. We also present a universal TFT model paradigm, which allows to obtain a suitable estimation of(More)
A module to perform a built-in self-test in CMOS RF receivers is presented. The module is associated with a test strategy consisting of measuring the main performance parameters of the single building blocks individually. Circuitry overhead, however, is kept low by using some blocks as part of the test set-up and reusing them. The test overhead has also(More)
In this work we present: 1) Compact models for the total charges at the gate, source and drain electrodes, based on the integration of the charge densities expressions derived from the solution of the Poisson's equation in organic thin film transistors. 2) Compact models of the OTFT transcapacitances, obtained by differentiation of the charge expressions(More)