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Cecidonius pampeanus, gen. et sp. n.: an overlooked and rare, new gall-inducing micromoth associated with Schinus in southern Brazil (Lepidoptera, Cecidosidae)
Abstract Galls induced by the larval stage of cecidosids (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) are complex, multi-trophic systems, still poorly studied. They may be associated with other insect feeding guilds,Expand
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Revalidation of Oliera Brèthes (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) based on a redescription of O. argentinana and DNA analysis of Neotropical cecidosids
FIGURE 10. O. argentinana gall on S. polygamus branch: (A) apical branches showing lateral galls (indicated by arrow); (B) Detail of the stem bark surface on top of gall chamber; (C) superficiallyExpand
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Revalidation Of Oliera Brèthes (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) Based On A Redescription Of O. Argentinana And Dna Analysis Of Neotropical Cecidosids
Larvae of Oliera argentinana, Brèthes 1916 (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) were rediscovered inducing spindle-shaped galls enclosed within swollen stems of Schinus (Anacardiaceae) in central Argentina andExpand
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Relações filogenéticas das espécies do grupo de Amphisbaena darwini (Squamata: Amphisbaenidae) da ecorregião Savana Uruguaia com base em marcadores moleculares
Amphisbaenia is a monophyletic group which contains six families. The relations among the species within the group are scarcely known and their nomenclature and taxonomy had been revised recently. InExpand