Rodrigo Padilha Vieira

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This paper investigates the problem of single-phase induction motor (SPIM) sensorless speed control. A discrete time PI controller and a sensorless technique are implemented on a PC-based platform using a standard three-phase inverter drive and vector control. An indirect rotor flux oriented control technique is developed based on a sensorless technique. A(More)
Controlled induction motor drives have been employed on several appliances in the last decades. Commonly, the control schemes are based on the FOC and sensorless techniques. These methods are mainly applied to three-phase induction machine drives, and a wide number of papers, such as [5, 9, 10, 15, 19, 23, 26] have described such drives. On the other hand,(More)
This paper presents a current control method for LCL grid-tied converters using sliding mode algorithm in a multi-loop framework. The inner loop is implemented through a sliding mode approach to obtain fast and robustness convergence. The capacitor voltage is controlled in the inner control loop making this variable to behave like a controlled voltage(More)
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