Rodrigo Moretto Galazzi

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The present review addresses certain important aspects regarding nanoparticles and the environment, with an emphasis on plant science. The production and characterization of nanoparticles is the focus of this review, providing an idea of the range and the consolidation of these aspects in the literature, with modifications on the routes of synthesis and the(More)
In this manuscript we briefly describe bipolar disorder (a depressive and manic mental disease), its classification, its effects on the patient, which sometimes include suicidal tendencies, and the drugs used for treatment. We also address the status quo with regard to diagnosis of bipolar disorder and recent advances in bioanalytical approaches for(More)
To determine whether the effect observed in a study is related to the nanoparticle only or to their synergic effect with the "free" metal ions, the real concentration of silver (104±8 and 100±2 mg L(-1)) after AgNP synthesis is obtained through ICP-MS and ICP OES in the solution after the AgNP synthesis and in different fractions after centrifugation (at(More)
PURPOSE An exploratory analysis using proteomic strategies in blood serum of patients with bipolar disorder (BD), and with other psychiatric conditions such as Schizophrenia (SCZ), can provide a better understanding of this disorder, as well as their discrimination based on their proteomic profile. METHODS The proteomic profile of blood serum samples(More)
The mitigation of Cd-stress through Si addition to Arabidopsis thaliana cultivation is evaluated in terms of total metal content, proteomic and enzymatic approaches. Four different treatment are evaluated: TC (control, without Si or Cd addition), T1 (with Si addition), T2 (with Cd addition), and T3 (with Si and Cd addition). Through the total determination(More)
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