Rodrigo M. Souza

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Histological evidence of Plasmodium in the placenta is indicative of placental malaria, a condition associated with severe outcomes for mother and child. Histological lesions found in placentas from Plasmodium-exposed women include syncytial knotting, syncytial rupture, thickening of the placental barrier, necrosis of villous tissue and intervillositis.(More)
Control of plant pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is an ongoing challenge because of its wide host range and the persistence of its sclerotia in soil. Fungicides are the most commonly used method to control this fungus but these can have ecotoxicity impacts. Chitinolytic Streptomyces strains isolated from Brazilian tropical soils were capable of inhibiting(More)
BACKGROUND Alcoholic subjects manifest important deficits in frontal executive function, yet maintain cognitive mental status within normal range. METHODS This study searched for volumetric measurements of segmented brain structures obtained from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that would predict executive functions and cognitive mental status in(More)
BACKGROUND Physicians´ lack of knowledge contributes to underuse of insulin and poor glycemic control in adults with diabetes mellitus (DM). Traditional continuing medical education have limited efficacy, and new approaches are required. OBJECTIVE We report the design of a trial to assess the educational efficacy of InsuOnline, a game for education of(More)
Malaria in pregnancy remains a substantial public health problem in malaria-endemic areas with detrimental outcomes for both the mother and the foetus. The placental changes that lead to some of these detrimental outcomes have been studied, but the mechanisms that lead to these changes are still not fully elucidated. There is some indication that imbalances(More)
Skull base fractures comprise a relatively common finding among trauma patients. Before the widespread use of computed tomography (CT), these lesions used to be misdiagnosed. Currently, with improved imaging technology, diagnosis of skull base fractures is no longer cumbersome. On the other hand, cranial fractures involving the foramen spinosum are rarely(More)
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