Rodrigo Jiménez-Saiz

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Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a promising therapeutic approach for treating food allergy. The treatment with heated ovomucoid-depleted egg white (HOMEW) in egg-allergic patients is noteworthy; however, OIT protocols are still experimental, and a better knowledge of the underlying mechanism is required. The objective of this work was to investigate the(More)
SCOPE Besides its antimicrobial properties, lysozyme (LYS) is one of the major allergens from hen egg. This paper addresses the identification of the peptides produced upon in vitro gastrointestinal digestion of LYS, together with their IgE-binding and biological activity as a contribution to the understanding of what makes it a relevant allergen. METHODS(More)
This study focuses on the effect of heating and Maillard reaction (MR) on the in vitro digestibility and rabbit IgG- and human IgE-binding properties of ovalbumin (OVA) and ovomucoid (OM) to estimate the impact of processing on their allergenicity. With the human sera studied, heat treatment significantly reduced IgE binding to both OVA and OM, whereas MR(More)
Heat treatment has been used since ancient times for food processing, first to ensure the safety of food and its storage, but also to transform its characteristics (in its raw form) and obtain new textures, flavors, or novel foods. However, the transformation experienced by food components when heated, or processed, can dramatically affect the allergenicity(More)
S-OVA, a more thermostable form of ovalbumin (OVA), was formed from native OVA or egg white in vitro, by heating at high pH, and by storage at low temperatures. S-OVA showed a much lower reactivity against IgE than OVA, although this difference in IgE binding was minimized after simulated gastro intestinal digestion, despite S-OVA was more resistant to(More)
Background Food allergies are a problematic health concern in many developed countries. Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is one of the most promising therapeutic approaches for treating food allergy. The treatment with heated ovomucoidreduced egg white (OM ̅) is especially notable and its effectiveness as OIT in egg allergic patients has been reported: 24 (44%) egg(More)
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