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The |∆I| = 1/2 rule in non-leptonic decays of hyperons can be naturally understood by postulating a priori mixed physical hadrons, along with the isospin invariance of the responsible transition operator. It is shown that this operator can be identified with the strong interaction Yukawa hamiltonian. The experimental amplitudes are well reproduced.
This paper describes a simple way to control, in a sensorless way, a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor for electric vehicle applications. To control this machine it is generally required to count with a position sensor because the inverter phases, acting at any time, must be commuted depending on the rotor position. Encoders and resolvers have been used for sensing(More)
Strong-flavor and parity a priori mixing in hadrons are shown to describe well the experimental evidence on weak radiative decays of hyperons. An independent determination of the a priori mixing angles is performed. The values obtained for them are seen to have a universality–like property, when compared to their values in non-leptonic decays of hyperons.
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