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MaxAlign: maximizing usable data in an alignment
MaxAlign is a program that optimizes the alignment prior to phylogenetic and bioinformatical analyses by selecting the optimal subset of sequences to exclude from the alignment by maximizing the number of nucleotide symbols that are present in gap-free columns. Expand
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Comparative evaluation of word composition distances for the recognition of SCOP relationships
We present a new distance definition between protein sequences, the W-metric, which bridges between alignment metrics, such as scores produced by the Smith-Waterman algorithm, and methods based solely in L-tuple composition,such as Euclidean distance and Information content. Expand
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Finding coevolving amino acid residues using row and column weighting of mutual information and multi-dimensional amino acid representation
We present six new methods for detecting coevolving residues, each of which has an estimated accuracy increase of 63% over Mutual Information. Expand
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Phylogenetic relationships between Sarcocystis species from reindeer and other Sarcocystidae deduced from ssu rRNA gene sequences.
Six Sarcocystis species from reindeer (S. grueneri, S. rangi, S. tarandivulpes, S. hardangeri, S. rangiferi and S. tarandi) have previously been genetically characterised. The aim of this study wasExpand
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Molecular and epidemiological study on nosocomial transmission of HCV in hemodialysis patients in Brazil
An epidemiological and molecular study of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection was carried out in Brazilian hemodialysis centers. A total of 1,095 patients in all 15 hemodialysis centers in the State ofExpand
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Genome update: DNA repeats in bacterial genomes.
Genomes of the month – close relatives Four new bacterial genomes have been deposited with GenBank/EMBL/ DDBJ since last month’s Genome Update. The list is shown in Table 1 and represents a wideExpand
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EURISWEB – Web-based epidemiological surveillance of antibiotic-resistant pneumococci in Day Care Centers
EURISWEB is a web-based infrastructure that includes a relational online database, coupled with a query system for data retrieval, and allows integrative storage of demographic, clinical and molecular biology data generated in EURIS. Expand
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InterMap3D: predicting and visualizing co-evolving protein residues
InterMap3D predicts co-evolving protein residues and plots them on the 3D protein structure. Expand
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Higher variability in the number of sexual partners in males can contribute to a higher prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in females.
By examining published, empirical data we show that men and women consistently differ in the shape of the distribution of the number of sexual partners. The female distribution is always relativelyExpand
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Sequence analysis InterMap 3 D : predicting and visualizing co-evolving protein residues
Summary: InterMap3D predicts co-evolving protein residues and plots them on the 3D protein structure. Starting with a single protein sequence, InterMap3D automatically finds a set of homologousExpand
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