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Twelve colonies of Aedes albopictus were maintained at laboratory conditions, with the following results: Insectary conditions--Air humidity: 90-95%; Temperature: 25 degrees C; Blood source: human; Breeding places: Plastic glass or bamboo; Number eggs per female: 36.37; Incubation time: 1 to 6 days; Larval period: 4 to 9 days; Pupal period: 1 to 5 days;(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the tip-apex distance (TAD), cervicodiaphyseal angle and Garden angle in stable and unstable extracapsular fractures of the femur treated with a plate and sliding screw. METHOD Hip radiographs in anteroposterior (AP) and lateral view on 117 patients were evaluated. The fractures were classified as stable or unstable, using the AO(More)
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