Rodrigo Espinoza

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Most investors and real estate developers consider brownfield redevelopment projects risky and, to compensate for the additional environmental risk, demand higher returns on the investment needed to cleanup and redevelop a contaminated property. The perception of risk is aggravated by the fact that, depending upon the remediation technique adopted,(More)
Dislocations in a material will, when present in enough numbers, change the speed of propagation of elastic waves. Consequently, two material samples, differing only in dislocation density, will have different elastic constants, a quantity that can be measured using Resonant Ultrasound Spec-troscopy. Measurements of this effect on aluminum samples are(More)
Closed form solutions for valuation of projects that takes into account technical uncertainty and takes time to build are not currently available. Approximate solutions are typically obtained by implementing a complex numerical algorithm to solve non-linear partial differential equations or computer intensive simulation techniques. An equivalent Brownian(More)
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