Rodrigo Dantas Pereira

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AIM To evaluate streaking artifacts produced by several root canal sealers on CBCT images with variations in voxel resolution. METHODOLOGY Single-rooted premolars were selected and root filled using gutta-percha cones and one of the following sealers: Endofill, Sealer 26, Fillapex or AH Plus. Root canals filled only with gutta-percha were used as control.(More)
The Nearby Supernova Factory (SNfactory) is an international project to discover and study a large sample of type Ia supernovae in the redshift range 0.03 < z < 0.08. Follow-up spectro-photometric observations are performed using the dedicated Supernovae Integral-Field Spectrograph, mounted since 2004 on 2.2 m UH telescope. The goal is to acquire for each(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the bond strength (BS) of root canal fillings to root dentin using the reciprocating file-matched single-cone or lateral compaction techniques with resin-based and calcium-silicate-based sealers. Maxillary canine roots were prepared and filled using one of the following approaches: Reciproc R40 file and R40(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated apical transportation associated with ProTaper Universal Fl, F2 and F3 rotary files in curved canais prepared by undergraduate students. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty mesial roots of mandibular molars with curvatures ranging between 25° and 35° were selected. Mesiobuccal canals were instrumented by twenty students with the(More)
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