Rodrigo Carareto

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This work introduces the phenomenon of Collective Almost Synchronisation (CAS), which describes a universal way of how patterns can appear in complex networks for small coupling strengths. The CAS phenomenon appears due to the existence of an approximately constant local mean field and is characterised by having nodes with trajectories evolving around(More)
In many engineering applications, the time coordination of geographically separated events is of fundamental importance, as in digital telecommunications and integrated digital circuits. Mutually connected (MC) networks are very good candidates for some new types of application, such as wireless sensor networks. This paper presents a study on the behavior(More)
Distribution of timing signals is an essential factor for the development of digital systems for telecommunication networks, integrated circuits and manufacturing automation. Originally, this distribution was implemented by using the master–slave architecture with a precise master clock generator sending signals to phaselocked loops (PLL) working as slave(More)
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