Rodrigo Cabral Farias

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—In this paper, adaptive estimation based on noisy quantized observations is studied. A low complexity adaptive algorithm using a quantizer with adjustable input gain and offset is presented. Three possible scalar models for the parameter to be estimated are considered: constant, Wiener process and Wiener process with deterministic drift. After showing that(More)
—A Bayesian framework is proposed to define flexible coupling models for joint tensor decompositions of multiple data sets. Under this framework, a natural formulation of the data fusion problem is to cast it in terms of a joint maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimator. Data driven scenarios of joint posterior distributions are provided, including general(More)
—Estimation of a location parameter based on noisy and binary quantized measurements is considered in this letter. We study the behavior of the Cramér–Rao bound as a function of the quantizer threshold for different symmetric unimodal noise distributions. We show that, in some cases, the intuitive choice of threshold position given by the symmetry of the(More)
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