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LC-ESI-MS determination of quassinoids isobrucein B and neosergeolide in Picrolemma sprucei stem infusions
Infusoes dos caules de Picrolemma sprucei (pseudonimo: P. pseudocoffea) sao principalmente utilizadas como antimalaricos em toda regiao amazonica. Desta especie foram isolados os quassinoidesExpand
Chemical composition, ethnopharmacology and biological activity of Geissospermum Allemão species (Apocynaceae Juss.)
The chemistry and pharmacology literature on Geissospermum is surveyed. Pau-pereira or pao pereira ( G. laeve (Vell.) Miers; G. vellosii Fr. All. is a synonym) is the best known of approximately sixExpand
Gram-scale isolation of isobrucein B and neosergeolide from Picrolemma sprucei Hook. f.
This paper describes a method for obtaining grams of these quassinoids whose purification relies only on recrystallization and shows that the quantities obtained in previous extraction processes have been shown to be a limiting factor for continuation of these studies. Expand
Gastro-protective effects of isobrucein B, a quassinoid isolated from Picrolemma sprucei.
IsoB may be a prototypic compound to provide protective effects against NSAID-induced gastritis and possibly other gastropathies and may be due to a reduction in IL-1β and KC/CXCL1 production/release and leukocyte rolling, adhesion and migration. Expand
Antimalarial Activities of Seaweeds Spatoglossum schroederi, Gracilaria birdiae and Udotea flabellum from Rio Grande do Norte Coast, Brazil
Data showed that the present bioactive components in these algae can be promising for the development of new antimalarial drugs; attempt to purify these compounds are in progress for furtherbiological assays. Expand
Biological activity and quassinoid content of fruits from the amazonian medicinal plant Picrolemma sprucei ( Simaroubaceae )
Picrolemma sprucei Hook. f. (Simaroubaceae) is a medicinal plant that is used throughout the Amazon region in the treatment of malaria. No previous report has been published on the biologicalExpand