Rodrigo Barroso Panatieri

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The effect of post-treatment with diphenyl diselenide on liver damage induced by 2-nitropropane (2-NP) was examined in male rats. Rats were pre-treated with a single dose of 2-NP (100 mg/kg body weight dissolved in canola oil). Afterward, the animals were post-treated with a dose of diphenyl diselenide (10, 50 or 100 micromol/kg). The parameters that(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the antinociceptive potential of the acetylenic thiophene and furan derivatives: 3-(furan-2-il) prop-2-yn-1-ol 1, 1-(thiofen-2-il) pent-1yn-3-ol 2 and 4-(thiofen-2-il)-2-metilbut-3-yn-2-ol 3 on three different pain models in mice. The pain models evaluated were the acetic acid-induced writhing, capsaicin-induced(More)
Four linear polyacetylenic compounds were synthesized. Pentadeca-6,8,10-triynoic acid 1 and octadeca-8,10,12-triynoic acid 2 were synthesized by using acetylene coupling reactions. The syntheses of (Z)-hexadec-11-en-7,9-diynoic acid 3 and (Z)-octadec-12-en-7,9-diynoic acid 4 by using vinylic telluride coupling reactions were accomplished.
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