Rodrigo Assar

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Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IV (CaMKIV) plays a key role in the regulation of calcium-dependent gene expression. The expression of CaMKIV and the activation of CREB regulated genes are involved in memory and neuronal survival. We report here that: (a) a bioinformatic analysis of 15,476 promoters of the human genome predicted several Wnt(More)
The importance of in silico predictions for understanding cellular processes is now widely accepted, and a variety of algorithms useful for studying different biological features have been designed. In particular, the prediction of cis regulatory modules in non-coding human genome regions represents a major challenge for understanding gene regulation in(More)
Mathematical models of wine fermentation kinetics promise early diagnosis of stuck or sluggish winemaking processes as well as better matching of industrial yeast strains to specific vineyards. The economic impact of these challenges is significant: worldwide losses from stuck or sluggish fermentations are estimated at 7 billion AC annually, and yeast(More)
In order to treat osteoporosis and other bone mass disorders it is necessary to understand the regulatory processes that control the cell fate decisions responsible for going from bone precursor cells to bone tissue. Many processes interact to regulate cell division, differentiation and apoptosis. There are models for these basic processes, but not for(More)
In order to describe the dynamic behavior of a complex biological system, it is useful to combine models integrating processes at different levels and with temporal dependencies. Such combinations are necessary for modeling acclimatization, a phenomenon where changes in environmental conditions can induce drastic changes in the behavior of a biological(More)
BACKGROUND Individual variability is among the causes of toxicity and interruption of treatment in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and severe non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) patients under protocols including Methotrexate (MTX): 2,4-diamino-N10-methyl propyl-glutamic acid. METHODS 41 Uruguayan patients were recruited. Gene polymorphisms involved in MTX(More)
Analysis of Complex Biological Phenomena requires approaches combining continuous, discrete, stochastic, deterministic and non-deterministic behaviors in a non-ambiguous way. We studied how to model and simulate these systems by descriptions human-comprehensible and machine-readable. To start, we defined Stochastic Switched Systems (SSS) whose continuous(More)
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