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Foreign bodies embedded in the retina and choroid that cannot be extracted by a magnet and require vitreous surgery for their removal comprise a separate group. A retrospective review of 40 consecutive cases (between 1977-1990) showed that this type of trauma frequently accompanied extensive ocular damage, including corneal and or scleral perforation,(More)
There seems to be ample agreement that tobacco is an addictive harmful substance. The smoking epidemic is most noticeably affecting third world countries but the developed world despite overoptimistic predictions is still far from safe. Profits derived mainly from tobacco trading in poor countries are being used to target vulnerable groups in more developed(More)
The results of stereotactic surgery in 38 patients with cerebral palsy are reviewed. A total of 67 nuclei were approached and 109 stereotactic lesions performed. The motor disorders were spasticity, athetosis, dystonia and tremor. The targets were chosen according to the motor disorder, and included the pulvinar, ventrolateral (VL), sub-VL and cerebellar(More)
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