Rodrigo Alvarenga Rezende

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The modeling, fabrication, cell loading, and mechanical and in vitro biological testing of biomimetic, interlockable, laser-made, concentric 3D scaffolds are presented. The scaffolds are made by multiphoton polymerization of an organic-inorganic zirconium silicate. Their mechanical properties are theoretically modeled using finite elements analysis and(More)
Adipose stem cells (ASCs) spheroids show enhanced regenerative effects compared to single cells. Also, spheroids have been recently introduced as building blocks in directed self-assembly strategy. Recent efforts aim to improve long-term cell retention and integration by the use of microencapsulation delivery systems that can rapidly integrate in the(More)
Thermosensitive interpenetrating gels were prepared by physically blending poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPA) as the matrix and the following polysaccharides as interpenetrating phases: chitosan oligosaccharides (identified as QNAD and QNED) and soluble starch (STARCH). The molecular weight of the dispersed phase, the free water/bound water ratio and the(More)
INTRODUCTION Tissue engineering is a field which is currently under a great deal of investigation for the development and/or restoration of tissue and organs, through the combination of cell therapy with biomaterials. Rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing is a versatile technology which makes possible the fabrication of three dimensional (3D)(More)
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