Rodrigo A. Seger

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Patients with human severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) can be divided into those with B lymphocytes (B+ SCID) and those without (B- SCID). Although several genetic causes are known for B+ SCID, the etiology of B- SCID has not been defined. Six of 14 B- SCID patients tested were found to carry a mutation of the recombinase activating gene 1 (RAG-1),(More)
The ability to study the molecular biology of living single cells in heterogeneous cell populations is essential for next generation analysis of cellular circuitry and function. Here, we developed a single-cell nanobiopsy platform based on scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) for continuous sampling of intracellular content from individual cells. The(More)
Signal Transduction by Ion NanoGating (STING) is a label-free technology based on functionalized quartz nanopipettes. The nanopipette pore can be decorated with a variety of recognition elements and the molecular interaction is transduced via a simple electrochemical system. A STING sensor can be easily and reproducibly fabricated and tailored at the bench(More)
Most of the research in the field of nanopore-based platforms is focused on monitoring ion currents and forces as individual molecules translocate through the nanopore. Molecular gating, however, can occur when target analytes interact with receptors appended to the nanopore surface. Here we show that a solid state nanopore functionalized with(More)
Studying the earliest stages of precipitation at the nanoscale is technically challenging but quite valuable as such phenomena reflect important processes such as crystallization and biomineralization. Using a quartz nanopipette as a nanoreactor, we induced precipitation of an insoluble salt to generate oscillating current blockades. The reversible process(More)
A novel approach for the detection of ancillary gestures produced by clarinetists during musical performances is presented in this paper. Ancillary gestures, also known as non-obvious or accompanist gestures are produced spontaneously by musicians during their performances and do not have meaning in sound, but they help in the creation of music. The(More)
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