Rodrigo A. Ramos

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— In this paper, the problem of practical stability of some classes of continuous-time switched systems is studied. The main results of this paper include some sufficient conditions concerning practical stability of continuous-time switched non-linear systems without a common equilibria for all subsystems. In this class of switched systems, the equilibrium(More)
—The complexity of power systems has increased in recent years due to the operation of existing transmission lines closer to their limits, using flexible AC transmission system devices (FACTS), and also due to the increased penetration of new types of generators that have more intermittent characteristics and lower inertial response, such as wind(More)
This study develops a phasor-based analytical expression for the reactive power in dqo coordinates, which exhibits compatibility with IEEE Standard 1459-2010 under sinusoidal unbalanced conditions. The dqo coordinates are often employed in power systems, for instance in machine modelling, but the power expressions are provided in the IEEE Standard only in(More)