Rodrigo A Palominos

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In the work presented here, a photocatalytic system using titanium Degussa P-25 in suspension was used to evaluate the degradation of 20mg L(-1) of antibiotic oxolinic acid (OA). The effects of catalyst load (0.2-1.5 g L(-1)) and pH (7.5-11) were evaluated and optimized using the surface response methodology and the Pareto diagram. In the range of variables(More)
This work studied the photocatalysed oxidation of the antibiotic oxolinic acid (OA) in an annular reactor operated with immobilized TiO(2) on sintered glass cylinders (SGC). Experiments were carried out in 1l solution of OA (18 mg l(-1)) at pH 9 with oxygen bubbling. Irradiation was performed with black light (36 W). The reaction was monitored by COD, TOC(More)
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