Rodrigo A. Martínez

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We studied the effects of future climate change scenarios on plankton communities of a Norwegian fjord using a mesocosm approach. After the spring bloom, natural plankton were enclosed and treated in duplicates with inorganic nutrients elevated to pre-bloom conditions (N, P, Si; eutrophication), lowering of 0.4 pH units (acidification), and rising 3°C(More)
Mixotrophs combine photosynthesis with phagotrophy to cover their demands in energy and essential nutrients. This gives them a competitive advantage under oligotropihc conditions, where nutrients and bacteria concentrations are low. As the advantage for the mixotroph depends on light, the competition between mixo- and heterotrophic bacterivores should be(More)
Methods are detailed for the preparation of [2-18O]glycolate from chloroacetic acid and for the direct conversion of these intermediates to regiospecifically labeled [2-18O]-2-O-acylglycolic acids containing approximately 90% 18O at the C-O-acyl bond. Methods are also detailed for optimization of reaction conditions and yields for each synthetic step in(More)
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