Rodolpho Teixeira

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With this inquiry, we seek to develop a disaggregated version of the post-Keynesian approach to economic growth, by showing that indeed it can be treated as a particular case of the Pasinettian model of structural change and economic expansion. By relying upon vertical integration it becomes possible to carry out the analysis initiated by Kaldor (1956) and(More)
In this paper we introduce investment specific technical progress into Pasinetti’s model of structural change. Our aim is to assess the effects of embodied technical progress on economic growth and macroeconomic variables. Our findings suggest that despite the fact that this type of technical progress increases the productivity of capital, it has negative(More)
Current United States military chemical protective ensembles do not provide for feeding, removing body wastes, or ensuring the hygiene of troops operating in a contaminated environment. As part of a nuclear-biological-chemical life support demonstration program, systems were developed to provide these capabilities. The nutrient system consisted of foods(More)
In this article the growth models of Feldman (1928) and Mahalanobis (1953) are extended to analyse the implications of the process of structural change on the decisions of investment allocation. By using the device of vertical integration, their constructions are shown to be a particular case of the Pasinetti’s (1981) model of structural change. Their(More)
This paper deals with macroeconomic coordination and its stabilization within a new Keynesian framework. The dynamic treatment of two-country model is made by simulation, using linear quadratic method. We compare optimal monetary policy rule of three types of equilibria: macroeconomic coordination, Nash and Stackelberg, emphasizing the relative size and(More)
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