Rodolphe Michel

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The evaluation of new reagents and instruments in clinical chemistry leads to complex studies with large volumes of data, which are difficult to handle. This paper presents the design and development of a program that supports an evaluator in the definition of a study, the generation of data structures, communication with the instrument (analyser), online(More)
A new access method, based upon predicate-tree and previously presented in [GARD 83b, VALD 84, GARD 85], presents major possibilities of applications. The basic method which is implemented, allows the clustering of tuples from a relation when they satisfy some predicate. The aim of this paper, is to show the flexibility of this method and the numerous(More)
An access method based upon muhi-afiribure clustering allows fhe database administrafor to define muhiply parlilioned relalions. For each attribute in the clusrering, we can consider the set of subrelations as a relarion view. Such a method has been implemented in SABRE. II relies on muhi-a~tribute digital hashing and a linearly growing directory. Using(More)
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