Rodolphe Cadet

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In mammals, posttesticular epididymal sperm maturation is considered an essential step in the transformation of immature testicular gametes to mature spermatozoa capable of fertilization. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been shown to be key actors in this maturation process, and it is now clear that ROS are central for sperm physiology in processes such(More)
Behavioural responses to two different orofacial noxious stimulations were analysed following lesion of spinal trigeminal subnucleus oralis (Sp5O) in the rat. Lesions were obtained by intranuclear microinjections of quinolinic acid (0.4 microliter of 60 nmol/microliter solution). The control groups received microinjection of saline. Noxious stimulation was(More)
We analysed the effects of morphine microinjections (0.2 microliter) into the subnucleus oralis (SNO), i.e. the rostral division of the spinal trigeminal nucleus, on the formalin test adapted for orofacial pain. Duration of rubbing following an injection (50 microliters) of formalin solution (1.5%) in the right upper lip of the rat was measured. Compared to(More)
The possible existence of long-term modifications in response to a transient nociceptive conditioning stimulation was investigated in the rat in three experiments. (1) A nociceptive conditioning stimulus was delivered in the form of a s.c. formalin injection (conditioning injection) in the left upper lip. Evaluation of the nociceptive behaviour triggered by(More)
The aim of this study was to find out whether morphine locally applied into the different subnuclei of the spinal trigeminal nucleus could impair the behavioral response evoked by a tonic nociceptive stimulus. Microinjections of morphine were performed unilaterally in rats through a chronically implanted tube. The duration of the formalin-induced biphasic(More)
Seven days before term, pregnant guinea-pigs were subjected to a psychosomatic stress. Adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH), cortisol and aldosterone concentrations increased in maternal and fetal plasma immediately after stress. In the offspring born from prenatally-stressed mothers that were resubjected to stress, the increases in plasma ACTH and cortisol level(More)
Immunocontraceptive strategies have proved to be efficient in controlling fertility of various mammalian species. In the present study we have made the first steps towards the identification of Arvicola terrestris sperm antigens that could be used as targets in the development of a contraceptive vaccine to limit the proliferations of this pest rodent.(More)
The present study was undertaken to find out if a hyperalgesia can be observed 1 week after a conditioning stimulation of the orofacial area of the rat. Sprague-Dawley rats received a left infraorbital infiltration with either bupivacaine or saline and then, 30 min thereafter, an injection of either saline or 10% formalin solution in the left upper lip.(More)
Correlations between behavioural nociceptive responses to an injection of formalin solution in the hindpaw and upper lip were sought in 28 male rats divided into two groups. One group received a first injection in the hindpaw and 7 days later, a second one in the lip (paw-lip group). The injection order was reversed in the second group (lip-paw group).(More)
Oxidative injury and the resulting death of neurons is a major pathological factor involved in numerous neurodegenerative diseases. However, the development of drugs that target this mechanism remains limited. The goal of this study was to test a compound library of approved Food and Drug Administration drugs against a hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidant(More)
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