Rodolfo W. L. Coutinho

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The problem of reliable data delivery at low energy cost arises as one of the most challenging research topics in underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs). Reliable data delivery is demanding because of the acoustic channel impairments and channel fading. Moreover, it is energy hungry given the high cost of acoustic communication. In wireless ad hoc(More)
Energy efficient and reliable communication are two very important and conflicting requirements in the design of large-scale, self-organizing wireless sensor networks (WSNs). By reducing the transmission power level of the nodes, energy conservation is achieved whereas the communication reliability is degraded. We propose a novel opportunistic routing(More)
Underwater sensor networks have recently been proposed as a way to observe and to explore the lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. A challenging issue in these networks is the communication, mainly due to the impairments of the acoustic transmission. Thus, efficient mechanisms to improve the data delivery must be proposed. In this work we present a novel(More)