Rodolfo Soncini-Sessa

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The advent of online services, social networks, crowdsourcing, and serious Web games has promoted the emergence of a novel computation paradigm, where complex tasks are solved by exploiting the capacity of human beings and computer platforms in an integrated way. Water Resources Management systems can take advantage of human and social computation in(More)
In this paper an approach for coupling real-time control and socio-economic issues in participatory river basin planning is presented through a case study. It relies on the use of Bayesian Networks (Bns) to describe in a probabilistic way the behaviour of farmers within an irrigation district in response to some planning actions. Bayesian Networks are(More)
A software tool, which implements a Decision Support System (DSS) for management of water reservoirs, is presented. It is designed to be used both at the planning level, by water agencies, to generate management policies and release plans over various time horizons, and at the management level, by the decision makers, to take daily release decisions, also(More)
The origin of this Special Issue lies in a research project of the European Union: the project FP5-MERIT (Management of the Environment and Resources using Integrated Techniques). Its target was to enquire if Bayesian Networks (Bns), a modelling approach mainly adopted for diagnosis in the fields of medicine and system maintenance, may be useful in the(More)
An approach to the integrated water resources management based on Neuro-Dynamic Programming (NDP) with an improved technique for fastening its Artificial Neural Network (ANN) training phase will be presented. When dealing with networks of water resources, Stochastic Dynamic Programming provides an effective solution methodology but suffers from the(More)