Rodolfo S. Vargas

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A sural nerve dissected from a recently dead patient displayed an unusual X-ray diffraction pattern, suggesting that in situ and at the time of the patient's death the myelin sheaths were in a swollen state. Diffraction patterns of the swollen type were also recorded from: (1) a sural nerve from the corpse of a neurologically healthy person after soaking(More)
A major obstacle to elucidating the structure of membrane proteins at high resolution is the difficulty of preparing these proteins as well as to grow well-ordered crystals. During the last few years several groups have considered the use of three-dimensional bicontinuous lipidic cubic phases as a possible crystallization matrix for such molecules. In a few(More)
Taking advantage of the fast and accurate X-ray scattering techniques recently developed in our laboratory, we tackled the study of the structural alterations induced in myelin by malnutrition. Our work was performed on sciatic and optic nerves dissected from rats fed with either a normal or a low-protein caloric diet, as a function of age (from birth to 60(More)
In pervasive computing, our aim for the end user is continuous computing anytime, anywhere whenever possible, in a way that the computing system adapts to the user’s context. An integral component of pervasive computing is pervasive task, a computing task that follows wherever the user is, adapting to the computing needs of the user and self-optimizing on(More)
Pulmonary surfactant is a lipid-protein complex essential to stabilize alveoli, by forming surface active films able to reach and sustain very low surface tensions (< 2 mN m(-1)) during the film compression that occurs at end-expiration. The particular lipid composition of surfactant, including a high proportion of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC),(More)
OBJECTIVE Urinary incontinence (UI) affects the quality of life of millions of women world-wide. Prevalence estimates for UI range from 10% to 40%, but information on young and mid-life women, especially among Hispanics, is limited. This study estimated UI prevalence and its association with body mass index (BMI) in a population-based sample of 276 female(More)
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