Rodolfo Rafael Medina Ramírez

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Ten patients with intractable hemifacial spasm were treated by posterior fossa exploration and microsurgical technique. These patients have been followed 1 to 5 years. The spasmodic motor disorder was related to compression of the 7th nerve or its exit zone at the brain stem by a dolichoectatic anterior inferior cerebellar artery in eight patients and to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the utility of the Wechsler adult intelligence scale III (WAIS-III) as a measure of intelligence after severe brain injury, and to elucidate prognostic factors associated with intelligence coefficients (IQs). METHODS Forty-six patients (age: 27.4 +/- 12.8 years) attending our service after a severe head injury were included in our(More)
To contribute to the search for an oxygen-free biodiesel from vegetable oil, a process based in the oleic acid hydrodeoxygenation over Ni/γ-Al 2 O 3 catalysts was performed. In this work different wt % of Ni nanoparticles were prepared by wetness impregnation and tested as catalytic phases. Oleic acid was used as a model molecule for biodiesel production(More)
The deferral of elective surgery is an underestimated problem in health care services. Literature reports cancelation as the usual procedure to deal with this, even though patient health is at risk with such decision, since elective does not mean optional, and not enough attention is paid to cancelled procedures and its consequences, this is the problem(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the clinical profile (neuropsychological, psychopathological, functional and neuroimaging), as well as the evolution of patients with anoxic encephalopathy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Nine patients with anoxic encephalopathy attending our Service were included in the study. All patients were assessed with a broad range of(More)
OBJECTIVES To validate the test of memory malingering (TOMM), and to study the influence of intelligence and memory on its performance in brain injury patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 30 patients with traumatic head injury were included in the study. All patients were assessed with the Complutense verbal learning test, the Visual Reproduction(More)
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