Rodolfo Mura

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This paper deals with the analysis of possible air interfaces to be employed in order to provide digital TV services to high speed trains via satellite. This turns out to be an extremely challenging issue, since in addition to traditional impairments characterizing the land mobile satellite channel, one has to face the presence of frequent tunnels, whose(More)
In this paper the performance of the DVB-S air interface over the Railroad Satellite Channel (RSC) at Ku-band is investigated. Due to the peculiar channel impairments that characterize the satellite channel in the railway environment, some extensions to the DVB-S air interface as defined in [1] are proposed and analyzed in order to test the resulting link(More)
Among the different classes of mobile users, public transportation and especially fast trains represent an extremely interesting market, also taking into account that the spatial limitations and the aesthetic constraints are less strict than for the private car market. On the other hand, the railroad environment features some peculiar fading events that(More)
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