Rodolfo M González Lebrero

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Na+,K+-ATPase is an integral membrane protein which couples ATP hydrolysis to the transport of three Na+ out and two K+ into the cell. The aim of this work is to characterize the effect of K+, ATP, and Mg2+ (essential activator) on the Na+,K+-ATPase thermal stability. Under all conditions tested, thermal inactivation of the enzyme is concomitant with a(More)
The present paper describes a quenching-and-washing chamber (QWC) to be used with a rapid-mixing apparatus (RMA) for the study of processes in the millisecond time scale. The QWC enables fast, nondestructive quenching by cooling and dilution of reactants in particulate systems that can be trapped on a filter. The reaction mixture (e.g., at 25 degrees C) is(More)
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