Rodolfo M. Favaretto

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This article analyze the use of low contention strategies in the implementation of the Anahy execution environment, specifically at its core scheduling. These strategies aims for overhead reduction when using the mutex to access list data with multiple threads. The results show that the optmized implementations have better performance if compared with STL.(More)
This paper presents a methodology to characterize information about groups of people with the main goal of detecting cultural aspects. Based on tracked pedestrians, groups are detected and characterized. Group information is then used to find out Cultural aspects in videos, based on the Hofstede cultural dimensions theory. The presented work was tested in(More)
In this paper, a dynamic scheduling strategy for parallel applications on NUMA architectures is presented. The aim of the strategy was reduce the impact, when executing parallel aplications, of the different latencies arising from the physical distribution of memory modules in NUMA architectures. This strategy was validated by a series of experiments, where(More)
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