Rodolfo Luzbel de la Sota

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We report a case of fungemia caused by Candida dubliniensis in a non-HIV infected patient. Multiple cultures of blood performed over a period of 13 days were positive for this recently described yeast species. The C. dubliniensis isolates recovered were susceptible to fluconazole in vitro and the patient responded to intravenous therapy with this antifungal(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the efficacy of (1) administering ceftiofur hydrochloride in dairy cows with calving-related disorders to prevent metritis and (2) a combination of GnRH and PGF2α for the treatment of clinical endometritis, under Argentinean dairy farming conditions. Cows at high risk (HRC) for metritis (dystocia, RFM >12 h(More)
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