Rodolfo García-Rodríguez

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Cooperative robots have attracted the attention because they allow carrying out of tasks which cannot be done with a single robot. Though cooperative robot dynamics are quite complex to handle, regularly it is necessary to implement a nonlinear dynamics-based controller which guarantees fast tracking. A method for very fast constrained object maneuvering(More)
BACKGROUND In 5-10% of adult patients with asthma, aspirin and most other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) precipitate acute asthmatic attacks. Therefore, choosing an alternative anti-inflammatory agent for patients who have suffered adverse reactions to a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent is a common problem in clinical practice. The(More)
In order to evaluate the tolerance of a cluster schedule on specific immunotherapy (SIT), 306 patients were included in a multicenter study. The patients were suffering from rhinoconjunctivitis with/without asthma, caused by sensitization to olive and/or grass pollen. SIT was administered subcutaneously according to a cluster schedule in which the(More)
Force-position control through one or multiple robots, or fingers, typically assumes a rigid endpoint without rolling nor slipping. However, there are some interesting tasks where rolling is involved, such as turning a knob (object is pivoting at a fixed rotational axis) or rolling a wheel (object rotational axis is moving). In such a case, rigid endpoint(More)
BACKGROUND Hand Hygiene (HH) is the most important measure in the prevention of nosocomial infections. The objective was to evaluate the program for updating recommendations on HH that had been introduced. METHODS INTERVENTIONS between March-October/2005 realisation of updating sessions about when and how to realize HH and May/2006 distribution of an(More)
In this paper, we are interested in a scheme that proves effective use of soft fingertips for human-in-the-loop telemanipulation. Motion planning is carried out by the human-in-the-loop to grasp and manipulate an object using viscoelastic soft fingertips. In addition, to grasp an object firmly, an estimated torque is synthesized based on fuzzy inference.(More)
INTRODUCTION Cow's milk and egg are the most frequent causes of food allergy in the first years of life. Treatments such as oral immunotherapy (OIT) have been investigated as an alternative to avoidance diets. No clinical practice guides on the management of OIT with milk and egg are currently available. OBJECTIVES To develop a clinical guide on OIT based(More)