Rodolfo Gómez Ponce de León

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The frequency of intrauterine fetal death (IUFD) with retained fetus varies, but is estimated to occur in 1% of all pregnancies. The vast majority of women will spontaneously labor and deliver within three weeks of the intrauterine death. The complexity in medical management increases significantly when the cervix is unripe or unfavorable, or when the woman(More)
BACKGROUND A systematic review was conducted to compare with other methods, using the best available evidence, the benefits and risks associated with the administration of misoprostol to terminate pregnancy with fetal demise in the second and third trimesters (defined as gestational age of more than 14 weeks). STUDY DESIGN We assessed all published(More)
Missed abortion in the first trimester is characterized by the arrest of embryonic or fetal development. The cervix is closed and there is no or only slight bleeding. Ultrasound examination shows an empty gestational sac or an embryo/fetus without cardiac activity. Based on a review of the published literature a single dose of 800 microg vaginal misoprostol(More)
A combination of mifepristone and misoprostol is the regimen of choice for termination of pregnancy between 13 to 26 weeks. In many countries, mifepristone is still not available, and misoprostol has to be used alone. Many misoprostol-alone regimens have been reported in the literature with apparently good results. Most of the trials were conducted in(More)
Unsafe abortion is a major public health and human rights problem in Argentina. Implementation of a woman-centered post-abortion care (PAC) model is one strategy to improve the situation. The quality of PAC services was measured in three public hospitals in Tucumán, a province with high levels of poverty and maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion.(More)
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