Rodolfo Fonte

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In the present study, we investigated the frequency of polyneuropathy in a sample of 296 alcoholics who were admitted to the 'S. Maugeri' Medical Centre for detoxification from October 1997 to November 1999. Results revealed a high frequency of polyneuropathy in the sample under study. The disorder was often clinically asymptomatic and demonstrable only on(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Interstitial laser photocoagulation (ILP) is a new therapeutic option for the ablation of non-functioning and hyper-functioning benign thyroid nodules. Amelioration of the ablation procedure currently allows treating large nodules. Aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of ILP, performed according to a modified(More)
BACKGROUND Most solitary hyperfunctiong regions on thyroid scan consist of benign tissue. Here we report a patient with a Burkitt-like lymphoma that was infilterated into a region containing a hyperfunctioning nodule. SUMMARY A 56-year-old man was referred to our Endocrine Unit in May 2009 due to the incidental discovery of a large left thyroid lobe(More)
Liver injury has long been associated with occupational exposure to a wide variety of chemicals. The controversial data existing in relation to hepatotoxicity of organic solvents might be explained as a consequence of the different exposures or it may well be that the tests used for evaluating liver function might not be sensitive enough to detect any mild(More)
We describe a 47-year-old patient with chronic anaemia with basophilic stippling of erythrocytes, recurrent abdominal colics, discoloration of gums, sensitive polyneuropathy to the four limbs, hyperuricaemia, hepatosteatosis with raised transaminases, and a long ignored history of lead exposure in a battery recycling plant. The diagnosis of poisoning was(More)
OBJECTIVE Pregnancy and the postpartum (PP) period are associated with profound changes of the immune system, which largely influence the clinical activity of autoimmune diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of pregnancy and/or the PP period in driving a clinical relapse of hyperthyroidism in patients with Graves' disease (GD) who are(More)
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients, including those infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The advent of real-time PCR technology offers the potential for rapid PCR results for the detection of P. carinii. In this report we describe the modification and evaluation of(More)
The Authors report the results of an investigation on association between bronchial hyperreactivity to metacholine in asthmatic subjects and subclinical dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Although the T4 and free T3 values were higher in the control group than in asthmatic patients, all the hormone dosage results were within the normal range. These findings(More)
A 70-year-old man developed a slowly progressive cerebellar syndrome after having been exposed to carbon disulfide (CS2) in a viscose rayon plant for 27 years. Ataxia, dysmetria, dysarthria and adiadochokinesia appeared 7 years after retirement from work (at age 54), and were later accompanied by cognitive deterioration, dysmnesia, spatio-temporal(More)