Rodolfo Emilio José Marrugat

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PURPOSE We compared the incidence of urological and anastomotic complications, and the duration of ureteral reimplantation for the Taguchi and Lich-Gregoir techniques. MATERIALS AND METHODS We recorded all urological and anastomotic complications that developed from the date of transplantation through December 31, 2001. The cutoff date for transplantation(More)
PURPOSE We assessed the cumulative incidence of transplant nephrectomy in our population of patients who underwent transplantation and those in whom the transplant failed due to immunological causes. Transplant nephrectomy indications, morbidity and mortality were analyzed to establish the most appropriate time for graft removal. MATERIALS AND METHODS We(More)
Alpha(1,3)- and alpha(1,4)-fucosylated oligosaccharides such as sialyl-Lewis(x) (sialyl-Le(x)) and sialyl-Lewis(a) (sialyl-Le(a)) have been reported to participate in tumor cell adhesion to activated endothelium. We examined by cytofluorometry the expression of Le(x), sialyl-Le(x), sialyl-Le(x) dimeric, Le(a), and sialyl-Le(a) on the surface of two human(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the significance of gray scale ultrasound as a tool for diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of urological complications of renal transplantation based on the experience of our institution. METHODS A retrospective, longitudinal and observational study was carried out. We reviewed the patients' perioperative ultrasound scans and their(More)
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